New features
Connector forms
Datagrid for class attributes (Beta)
Features and benefits
System requirements
Installing eaForms
Recent changes to note
Contacting us
eaForms Community Edition
eaForms for users
User setup
Accessing user settings
User settings
Autoload Run Time Form Definitions
Run Time Mode Form Definitions
Intercept enable (Access controls)
Configure programs
Configuration file
Default user settings
List Form Definitions
Technical logging
Setting License Information
Using eaForms
Edit element or connector properties
Mouse and key events
Presentation - form or tab
Tab presentation more information
eaForms Menus - user mode
Main menu options
Project Browser context menu options
Defining eaForms
Getting started
Create a new eaForm
Adding controls with the Form Builder
Reviewing your design
Form samples
Designer Settings
Default designer settings
Emulate Run Time Mode
Designing eaForms
Managing form definitions
Using the eaForms Builder
eaForms Builder Context menus
eaForm Builder Form Context Menu
eaForm Builder Controls Context Menu
Selecting and manipulating a single control
Multiple selected control operations
Align controls
Size Controls
Space controls
Moving selected groups
Copy controls
Creating an eaForm
Element Type and Stereotypes
using MDGs
Editing the Form Attributes
Adding controls to an eaForm
eaForm controls
Supported data sources
Initial control attributes
Adding Controls
Add Buttons
Add Checkbox
Add ComboxBox
Add Data Grid
Add Label
Add Label and Text box
Add Link Label
Add Listview (for collections and related items)
Add Related Element control
Add Rich Text Box
Add Text Box
Control Definition Editor
Control attributes
Designer reference
eaForms Controls reference
standard action buttons
Add property to element buttons
Create "associated" note or element buttons
Script buttons
Next package
Next relative package buttons
Next form buttons
Datagrid options
Label and Text box
Link Label
Operation of List Views
Text Box
Operation of Text Boxes
Linked package status textbox
Related Element
Rich Text Box
eaForms Scripts
Scripts parameters
Script results
Form Preload Script
Default scripts (library)
Script language support
Script restrictions
Scripts - worth noting
eaForms Gadgets
eaForms Viewers/Editors
Form selection
Deploying eaForms
Generating Run Time passwords
Defining the configuration file
Deploying eaForms configuration
What you can do with eaForms
Another list of features
Right Content - Right People - Right Result
Form ideas
Using eaForms Scripts
Layout and Workflow
Using Form tooltips
Control ideas
Using Buttons
Using Checkboxes
Using ComboBox
Using Datagrids
Using Labels
Using LinkLabels
Using ListViews
Using Text Boxes and Rich Text Boxes
Linked package status textbox
Using Related Elements
Tagged values
TaggedValues are automatically added when value set
Designing eaForms
Design guidelines
General FAQ
OnLine help
I don't get an eaForm when editing in my model
Background colours are graduated across the screen
Designer FAQ
I can't see the Manage eaForms window
Specifying Stereotypes using reference data
What MDGs are supported
Supported Elements
eaForms licence
Form Definition
Control Definition

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