Emulate Run Time Mode

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The Emulate Run Time mode is included to provide the designer with the option to see what the user would get.


If the designer checks the Emulate Run Time mode then eaForms will operate similar to but not exactly as it would for a run time user.

The following are the changes:


eaForms will not load the designer Form Definitions - however, if they have already loaded during the current session they will remain.  Hence, to get a better experience of run time operation the designer should restart eaForms.
eaForms will check for the existence of Run Time Form Definitions files and prompt accordingly i.e. it will ignore checks for Designer Form Definition settings and files
eaForms will hide the AddIn (Manage eaForms design library) Window
eaForms only displays menu items that will be available to a user


The one main exception is that the designer will continue to have access to the full set of eaForms settings (and thus can uncheck emulate run time mode to return to the normal design mode).