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An eaForm CheckBox is a control that will display a Boolean value, and supports the setting of an EA tagged value with the string "True" if checked or "False" if not checked.

The tagged value is defined at design time; if the tagged value does not exist it will be created for the element at run time.

Below is an extract of a screenshot illustrating a set of CheckBoxes.


CheckBox specific attributes


Tagged value selection - The tagged value name
Display name - the label displayed alongside the checkbox
Autosize - relates to controls that will adjust their size to the contents - e.g. labels, buttons


Standard control attributes

Enabled - means that the control will be presented at run-time - the default is that the control will be presented.
Tab order - is the sequence number that is used by windows to move through the controls at run time
Anchor - this sets the reference point of the form against which the control is fixed and affects the movement of the control if the run time form is resized. Valid values consist of  a combination of these letters to indicate where the control is locked

       -  T (top)

       -  B (bottom)

       -  L (left)

       -  R (right)


Check box and scripts

EA uses the strings "True" and "False" to indicate a boolean in a tagged value.

This convention is also adopted within eaForms so for example you are setting a tagged value within a script ensure that the value used is one of these values.