Control Definition Editor

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Having created controls on your eaForm it may be that you wish to add or modify some of the detailed control attributes.


To edit a control the designer user can select a control in  the eaFormBuilder and select Edit Control






For some controls the designer can double click on the control and it will present the Control Definition Editor; this does not work for Buttons, CheckBox.



Control Definition Editor


The Control Editor has a similar format for each control type, although the information presented be control type dependent. The main difference will be seen in the area on the Right Hand side top quadrant where control specific data is displayed.

Also some Control Attributes will change depending on the control.





To modify values either

Type the desire value e.g. locations, Tool Tip
Select from the dropdown list where provided e.g. Enabled,  Text Align
Double click the data entry box to bring up colour or font selection dialog


Also on this page as standard are a set of common attributes which exist across many different controls, but not all, and include:

Response is mandatory - is used to signify that the user must make an entry to this control before the element can be updated
Autosize - the control is possible will attempt to resize itself to accommodate the content
Read only - for controls that support read only this will prevent the user making changes
Enabled - is used to disable the control (it will appear grey on the form)


Please note the following:

You can set the coordinates and size of a control so that it may exceed the boundaries of the form.  Either the size of the form or the control should be changed prior to using the form otherwise the control may not be presented at run time.
Not all of these attributes are implemented for the current form generator.