Form samples

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To give you an insight into what eaForms can offer we have produced a sample model (and associated Form Definition Files) in which we have put together a range of sample forms that you can explore - please check out website resources.


For run time users our Run-time example Form Definition files are provided ready to run - to load you need to set the Form Definition password (contained in the text file supplied) in the "Licence Information" - Key management, Import password section - see Setting License Information.


Some sample eaForms


Here is the example form we have just produced with a few backimages added and backcolour set to match the image, illustrating some of the customisation that is possible.





Below are screenshots of some sample eaForms, each of these took about 10 mins to produce.  These illustrate what you may wish to do with eaForms. Of course, your requirements will be different so your designer have the options to define the content and layout that you want to meet your needs. This could be small forms which only have a few items or large full screen forms with many items - it's up to you.


Action form

A simple action form illustrating the use of numbers to guide the user - with additional notes on the form to help.








Note the use of ComboBox and check boxes together with a set of tagged values which eaForms will automatically add and update on use.

Below another example of a requirements form.




Use Case


Below is the design version of a form



The ability to provide lists of items such as actors is provided and from which a user can double click to access the item - actor, pre/post-condition.  Plus the ability to add an item in situ.







A quick look at a class and its attributes/operations/relationships plus the ability to double click and item in the list for more detail.


Also buttons to allow adding of attributes/operations in situ.