Designer Settings

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In design mode the settings box presents both the User (Runtime) and Designer options as illustrated below:





User settings  (user settings)


Enable trace -  can be enabled should the user experience problems and need to provide additional information to the support team - see Enable Logging for more information
Enable log file - used to enable the output of all error messages to a log file - see Enable Logging for more information
Autoload Form Definitions - set will mean that on start up eaForms will attempt to load Form Definitions from the specified filename  (below)
eaForms Intercept Enabled - when set eaForms will intercept EA element edit requests and if a suitable form is available present that to the user
Intercept Composites - when set eaForms will intercept Composite elements which means that the underlying diagram will NOT be opened; the default is for eaForms to ignore these requests
Configure programs - is used to configure programs that will be used with element GenFile information
Clear settings - will reset all current user settings
Set Run Time Form Definitions - is where Active Form Definitions are placed on export - presents the user with a file dialog from which to select the desired Form Definitions file;  if desired the user can manually type the name into the filename text box
Enable Tooltips - if set (default) will include any Tooltips that are defined for the form and controls in the run-time form
Enable Generic form - if set (default) will present a generic edit form if a designer provided form is not available
Support RTF for Tagged Values - enables formatted text to be stored in a tagged value
Set Tab as default presentation - when checked present eaForm information in EA Tab rather than as pop-up form


Designer settings


Emulate Run Time Mode - with the exception of the "Settings" dialog changes the rest of the UI to reflect the options that a Run-time only user will see. When checked this setting will inhibit loading of Designer Form Definitions. Also if you change this setting you should restart EA to ensure all aspects of the setting work correctly.
Auto save on edits - means that eaForms will save the design library and runtime Form Definitions to the specified files following edits
Auto save on close - means that eaForms will save the design library and runtime Form Definitions to the specified files on closing the EA repository without prompting the user.
Only use enabled MDG's - to support MDG's eaForms can load all MDG files that are present on the designers system - check the box to limit to the subset of MDG's that have been enabled in the current model
Limit to model - will restrict the data presented in reference lists to items that exist within the current model. Please note that this is not fully implemented at this time and more items may be presented than are present.
Warn before form delete - enables a warning before deleting a form definition
Set Designer Form Definition Filename - is the file in which the Form Definition Library is stored
Default font - specified the font that will applied on the creation of new controls (it will no affect the font of controls that already exist on the form); double click the entry box to bring up the font dialog.  The text in the entry box will reflect that of the selected font
Default colours - the designer can set the default colours to be applied for both form and controls.  double click the relevant entry box to bring up the colour dialog.  The colour of the entry boxes will reflect the selected background/foreground colours.