User settings

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There are a range of settings that can be configured by the user (or administrator) to define how eaForms will react.






Enable trace -  can be enabled should the user experience problems and need to provide additional information to the support team - see Enable Logging for more information
Enable log file - used to enable the output of all error messages to a log file - see Enable Logging for more information
Autoload Form Definitions - set will mean that on start up eaForms will attempt to load Form Definitions from the specified filename  (below)
Set Run Time Form Definitions Filename - presents the user with a file dialog from which to select the desired Form Definitions file;  if desired the user can manually type the name into the filename text box
eaForms Intercept Enabled - when set eaForms will intercept EA element edit requests and if a suitable form is available present that to the user
Configure programs - is used to configure programs that will be used with element GenFile information
Configuration file - is used to support the deployment of files, keys and passwords from a central location.
Clear settings - will reset all current user settings
Enable Tooltips - if set (default) will include any Tooltips that are defined for the form and controls in the run-time form
Enable Generic form - if set (default) will present a generic edit form if a designer provided form is not available
Support RTF for Tagged Values - enables formatted text to be stored in a tagged value
Set Tab as default presentation - when checked present eaForm information in EA Tab rather than as pop-up form