Reviewing your design

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As you build the form you are seeing its look and feel.  So by adding, placing and sizing the controls as required you can end up with the form you want.


For example we added a few more controls to the form to include a label, list of actors and button that will result in a dialog being presented to add an actor




The form we have created is listed in the eaForms design library





From which you can export the design when required to an XML file ready for use at run-time.

Note: The forms that are output are those marked True in the active column in the list of forms within the design library.

Press Export and a Save run time Form Definitions dialog is presented as shown below.




To use at run-time this file can be set to autoload - see User Settings


What next?


The process of building forms has been outlined in the previous sections.


It is suggested that you review the eaForms Designer section to get some more background about eaForms.