Adding controls with the eaForms Builder

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You can now add some controls to make the form more useful.

For example to add a rich text box, select the location on the form where you want the top left hand corner of the control to be placed (don't worry if not accurate as you can easily move later)


Press the right mouse button down to expose a content menu

- select Add Control

- select Rich Text Box





Note: Information on the controls that can be added can be found in eaForms Controls reference.


To continue define the contents for the new rich text box from the dialog that is presented


RTB Contents


The form will now feature a placeholder frame for the Rich Text Box


RTB added


To see the run time version press View on the manage forms menu - with the exception of the placeholder controls used by the eaForms Builder the form generation is identical except that behind the run-time form is an EA element.


View of eaForm with RTB


If you want to size / align multiple controls then select the desired controls using ctrl-leftmousebutton onto each control - the control will add red-handles or turn red, as illustrated below



and then select the Mouse-Right button to expose a context menu where you can align or size the controls


Selected context menu


It should be noted that if you try to resize controls there is a minimum size for all controls, about 20 pixels, with some controls have larger minimum size e.g. Related Element control and Listview otherwise they will not be useful at run time


You can also access the detailed control editor by selecting Edit Control

Or if pressing the RightMouseButton when over the form and not a control you get similar options but with the option to edit the Form


Form content menu


Please note:  you should ensure that all of your control falls within the form boundary - any control which in part falls outside of the form boundary will not be presented on the form at run time.