Installing eaForms

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Before attempting to install eaForms please ensure that the target system meets the system requirements.


eaForms is delivered as a single windows executable setup file that contains different versions of the product.  The functionality provided by the installed version is defined through the license key - if no license key is entered the product will operate in Lite mode.


The normal installation of eaForms requires administration privileges for the target machine. There are no other known special requirements.

The installer filename will be of the form "eaforms nnn Full installer.msi" which, when run, and provided with the relevant information install eaForms.


Configure settings after installation


Following installation ensure that you configure user settings to reflect the operating environment. 

Also designers will need to configure designer settings.


Configuration file


In deploying eaForms to users it can be advantageous to use a configuration file that will provide some of the information they will need such as the Run time License key, Run time passwords, Form definitions, etc  So rather than provide this to the user to set this information can be placed in a configuration file which will be read by eaForms at load time.  This file can be located on a server or provided as a local file; the server address or file name will need to be set by the user, although a default file can be loaded to minimise the input needed.


During initialisation eaForms checks:

1.For a saved setting for a configuration file name and if present load information from that file. 
2.If no configuration file is present that eaForms will always look for a configuration file named "eaFormsConfig.txt" in the installed directory  and if present information from that file.
3.If neither of these are present then eaForms will read the saved application settings


For details on the information that can be placed in the configuration file, see Defining the configuration file for more information


Silent installation


eaForms is a standard msi which can be installed silently.  We have 2 version of the installer that support:


Per machine, which requires administrator rights


Here is an example a command for a per machine installation:


msiexec /i eaformsSetup.msi INSTALLLOCATION="C:\Program Files (x86)\eaForms\" /passive


Per user, which can be installed for a single user without administration rights



Here is an example command for the per user installation:


msiexec /i eaformsNonAdminSetup.msi /l*v i.log ADMININSTALL="NO" /q  INSTALLFOLDER="C:\Users\EATestUser\Documents\eaForms" CLIENTUILEVEL="0"


use can be made of environment variables such as %USERPROFILE% which can be useful if using a batch file to install for multiple users


msiexec /i eaformsNonAdminSetup.msi /l*v i.log ADMININSTALL="NO" /q  INSTALLFOLDER="%USERPROFILE%\Documents\eaForms" CLIENTUILEVEL="0"



NOTE - There are a many installer options which may better meet your needs, so please refer to Microsoft installer documentation for more information.