Form selection

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At run time the selection of an eaForm definition is defined in several ways.


Simple selection


In the simplest case when using EA Core Element definitions the choice will be based on the:

Element type / connector type
Stereotype - which can be set for a specific value or to be available to match all (catchall).  If there is a form defined for a specific stereotype as well as a catchall, then the form with the more exact match will take precedence


MDG selection


The case for MDG's is very similar to the basic case except that the stereotype should match that defined for the MDG stereotype.


Context selection


For elements and packages only it is possible to further select a form based on the context of the element within its current package tree.

To explain. An element has ancestors each with a stereotype.  For example. we may have a tree as illustrated below, and depending in which "Group" the work is being performed wish to use different eaForm definitions.


This can be achieved by setting the "Ancestor stereotype" for example either as "Group1" or "Group2" within the form definition.  At run time a check is made on the element context and the appropriate form used