New features

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This version of eaForms includes a wide range of functionality to support the design and use of eaForms.

We are aware of some items which may not work either as we plan or as you would expect and these are listed in the next section. As far as we are aware none of these items affects the basic functionality of the product, rather they affect some options provided for the eaForms designer to expand the contents of an eaForm or the means in which the designer works.


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New features


Here are some of the new features we have added:


Connector forms


In addition to elements eaForms now provides support for connectors


New Buttons


Next relative package using stereotypes to find the target
Up to open the parent package


Support for JScript


In addition to VBScript support has been added for JScript


Display and editing of Class attributes in datagrid (Beta)


To support a single class form the datagrid control can now view and modify class attributes


Tab presentation (Beta)


Provides users the option to work with eaForms content in standard EA Tabs.  This means that the user can be editing multiple elements at the same time, which can be really useful when working across a model and wanting to have relevant detail available. See Tab presentation for more information.

We are still refining its behaviour so let us have your feedback - for details see Contacting us



Use of EA Search results in Datagrid


The use of an EA search to produce a collection of items to be displayed in a Datagrid has been added.


New controls


The following control has been added:

Datagrid - provides a table that can display / modify related element(s) - this is a powerful control hat


The following control options have been provided

Next package button - provides a mechanism to spawn a new package form
Next Form Button - provides a means to save contents of current form and navigate to the another form to provide a "wizard" like experience for user.
Linked package status (Textbox) - will display the status of a selected package on a form
Preload script - a script option has been added to the form definition; if provided this script will be run on load
Update button - this button will update the element(s) for the current form without closing this form.  As eaForms DOES NOT automatically save data when accessing a sub-form changes that are made and saved there may be overwritten when if there share a field with the main form which is subsequently saved.


Other enhancements:


FormBuilder - the designer can now edit the form type in the form editor
FormBuilder - you can copy a control from the context of an existing control



FormBuilder copy control


The new element will be prefixed with "COPY of"