Next relative package buttons

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Next relative package / Save and next relative package


A button action that searches for a package by searching up the package tree for a match on a defined (parent) stereotype and then down the tree to match another (child) stereotype (the search only supports matching a single stereotype).


If a suitable target package is found the current eaForm is closed and a new form opened for the target package.

During generation if no match is made with the Parent / Child stereotypes then this button will be disabled.
When displayed and enabled, if pressed and no package is found then  then button will be both disabled and its color set to red to indicate no target found




These buttons will look for a target package based on stereotypes defined at design time.  A parent stereotype and a child stereotype.  When the button is pressed a search is made up the current package tree for the 1st package whose stereotype matches the parent stereotype and this is set as the parent package.  If and only if found a search is made from the parent package down the tree for the 1st package whose stereotype matches that of the child stereotype - if found this will be the target package. The current form will be closed, and there is a target package this will be opened assuming a suitable eaForm exists.