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eaForms is both a:


Design tool using by the eaForms designer to define eaForms
Run time extension that presents the user with eaForms to view and modify items


eaForms is provided as a single product whose capabilities are enabled by the license purchased.  The following version are available.


eaForms Lite is a run time only version that will only work with eaForm Definitions provided by EXploringEA (eafd files). 
eaForms Professional provides a single user design capable license to design and use forms.  The form definitions are stored in xml files and can be shared with others who have a Professional version of eaForms.
eaForms Corporate provides all the functions of the Professional Edition plus a run time license for other users within the licensed organisation (single site).  The designer can generate eaForms passwords needed to deploy across their organisation.