Add Listview (for collections and related items)

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eaForms provides a set of List Views that can be included on a form.  When adding a List View the form designer is presented with a dialog that allows them to select from the a range of collection attributes as well as using gadget Listview's.  Gadget Listview's offer enhanced functionality beyond simply providing a list of the collection.


In the example illustrated below for a Class element there are gadget Listview's for either Attributes or Operations.







Listview specific functionality


For listview sources which start with the name "lv" then they are "gadgets" which support operations which allow the user to view and edit the underlying detail or in the case of lvlinks open the linked item.  In addition, in most cases an "add" button is provided hat can be included on the form to allow the user to add a new item

In addition for the follow standard fields we have provided other functionality:


element.Files - we have provided the ability to double click on an item and open the relevant local file or web address (in the users default browser).



Also see the operation of the List view click