Add ComboxBox

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Adds a combo box that at runtime can allow a user to select values to an element attribute or tagged values .



The designer must select an item to display - either an element attribute or a tagged value




If a tagged value is required then this can either be selected from a drop down list of tagged values or the designer can type in a name.


The designer can then create the selection list from some preset options or specify them as a CSV in the "Combo list values".

If the designer uses a preset list then the "Combo list values" is set to reflect this list.




The designer can set the default value - where available this can be done using the automatically populated drop down list.





Please note that:

You can set the sort flag which will sort the list of items alphabetically when presented, otherwise they will be presented as set out in the Combo list values.
To support combo list values tokens that may contain "," the tokens can be entered within square [] brackets e..g. [<100],[200],[10,000],[>10,000] - the brackets are not displayed