Mouse and key events

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The following mouse events are provided for the run time editor form:


Double click

Used on the EA element or EA connector will result in an eaForms editor form being presented if and only if there is a match on the Element/Connector and Stereotype AND the eaForms settings have been set to intercept

Note that there are some special forms that already exist that display Actors, Constraints, Operations and Methods.  There is also a default form that is presented when no other form is found that presents the name and notes of the element.

Each of these forms enables the user to edit the element.


When used on a list view within an eaForm can result in the presentation of other eaForms relating to the selected element


Right click - is used on the Related Element control - will display the selected Element and other elements within the selected tree that share the same name (the different Element ID's is also shown alongside the element name)


The following key events are provided on a run time editor form:

Enter - will close the element editor form saving any changes made
Esc  - will close the element editor form without saving any changes made directly on that form - Note if during the editing