Presentation - form or tab

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eaForms can present information in a windows pop-up form or within an EA Tab.

The use of a windows form (default) or tab as the container can be selected by the user - see User settings for information on setting tab presentation as the default.


A key advantage of using tabs is the ability to work with multiple elements at the same time.  Furthermore, with the ability to undock EA Tabs it is possible to work with several eaForms at them same time, within presentation across your screen(s). This great news for many situations and in normal use not an issues, but just in case you should be aware of the following:

eaForms does not restrict a user opening an eaForm for an element multiple times, it may even be useful so that you can view the "current" version whilst making changes.  If a new tab is created for an element that is already being edited in another  tab then it will be flagged as Read only and any changes to a ReadOnly tab are ignored.
When you close a tab, either as a result of closing the tab, closing all tabs, closing EA or using the save button in eaForms the element data will be updated if the tab is not READ ONLY
When a tab is closed as result of using the Cancel button the content of the tab is ignored and any changes made will be discarded
When closing tabs using the "X" in the tab label or using EA close tab options your data will be saved
When closing tabs using closing tab using close all or closing EA there is no guarantee of the order in which tabs are saved - IMPORTANT NOTE - if you have more than one tab open for the same element the last tab saved for this element will determine the data saved to the element, hence it is recommended that in this situation you manually close the tab using the cancel button it it has been placed on the form or save the tabs which you wish to discard making sure that the desired version of the content is the last to be save.


These scenarios may not relate to the way you use eaForms but we want to make you aware just in case.