Example eaForms

To get an idea of what eaForms we have produced some examples.

Each of examples took between 10 - 20 mins to produce - the time varies depending on the amount of content you include, the time you chose to refine the look & feel, and the inclusion of scripts that you may wish to add and importantly test. The key point is that you can tailor the form (content and layout) to meet your needs.

You can find more details for the examples by clicking the links under the thumbnails below:

Examples - element forms

Here we illustrate how forms that could be used to present information for elements.

Examples - using controls

eaForms can use a range of controls to present data fields from elements, packages and connectors. Some of these controls present one fields e.g. textbox, checkbox, combobox, whilst others can present several fields e.g. datagrids and listview to be viewed and/or edited.

Here we present forms that illustrate the use of controls