Why eaForms?

Enterprise Architect (EA) is a very powerful, general purpose UML based visual modelling tool. It is a great tool and we are real converts, however it presents a comprehensive choice of fields when creating or editing EA elements/connectors which can be a challange for some users, especially when trying to extend the use of EA to more users.

Here are some of the questions we have received from users when introducing EA to new users:

  • There are lots of data fields, where do I put my data?
  • Which data fields are relevant?
  • Are there any specific values I should enter?
  • Can I get more detail of the detail needed for this field?
  • I'm not sure of where to go next?

eaForms was developed to help address some of these issues and ensure that all those involved in the project are able to use EA by

  • Reducing the complexity
    • Streamlining data capture and editing
    • Allowing the layout to match the required workflow
    • Providing on-form text as guidance and context sensitive tooltips
  • Focusing on the information needed
    • Configuring only the content required when creating or modifying element properties
  • Improving quality
    • Driving consistency of terms by restricting data terms for specific fields
    • Enforcing process
  • Saving you and your team time

And all this, combined with an easy to configure design tool.