Features And Benefits

Listed below are some of the key features and benefits of using eaForms.


Configure Content

  • Each form will include only the selected data fields including related items
  • Different eaForms for different target element/stereotypes
  • Access to sub-forms for detailed editing of contained elements or element features
  • Use of controls not provided by EA

Improve consistency and quality

  • Project defined values to limit data input and reduce free text entry
  • Context sensitive help when needed
  • Mandate completion for specified fields to ensure completeness
  • Use of form and button scripts to perform project specific tasks

Enhance look and feel

  • Place and define appearance of controls
  • Create the required visual experience
  • Use of images on forms and controls
  • Define the work flow

Save time

  • Single form with required data fields
  • Pre-defined values simplify data entry especially for tagged values and MDG
  • Direct access to sub-elements or related elements
  • Context sensitive tooltips


For the novice:

  • Easy to use editing with only the required items present
  • Layouts that support your workflow
  • Context based tooltips to provide guidance when needed
  • On-form text and links to help for guidance
  • Pre-defined data selections to ease choices and ensure consistency across the model​

For the specialist or expert:

  • Consolidate information onto a single form
  • Direct access to sub-element or related element information
  • Drop-down boxes with pre-selected options to reduce time with setting tagged values​
  • Use of scripts to perform pre-processing, validation, version control, logging, notification

For the eaForms designer:

  • Simple to use WYSIWYG to create forms
  • Easy to add controls to modify the look and feel
  • One-button check to test your form
  • Designer library to manage alternative forms
  • Easy to select and deploy eaForms library for specific user groups