What is eaForms?

eaForms is an EA add-in providing alternative properties editors for elements, packages and connectors, that can be configure to meet the needs of your users and project.

With the freedom to define the content and layout for each specific form eaForms can be more readily acceptable than the standard EA properties, and enhance the power of EA within your organisation.

Simple to design, with a WYSIWYG like editor - as illustrated below, eaForms can be designed for those elements / stereotypes (including MDG's) that you wish. And with the option to provide different eaForm designs for different user roles there is flexibility to address all users' needs.

eaForms designer - used to specify content, layout, look & feel

At run time, when the user accesses an item, when there is a match the relevant eaForm is presented - for example, here is the run time version of the example eaForm.

eaForms at run time

As a simple focused editor eaForms can:

  • Present relevant information - ensuring that just the information for the current task is presented
  • Limit allowed data values - ensuring consistency of terms across the project
  • Restrict to pre-defined data options - in those areas where elements have lots of tagged values (e.g. MDG's)
  • Provide On-form guidance - the use of layout, onform text, tooltips, and links to other sources of help
  • Execute scripts - that can be used for pre-processing, validation, version control, logging, notification
  • Access multiple element features at the same time displaying the information on a single form

eaForms can be configured match the specific of your project and the different needs of your users.

The flexibility provided by eaForms can help your project:

  • Capture information directly from the users who have the knowledge
  • Reduce queries and demands on others
  • Drive model consistency and quality

eaForms extends and enhances EA making it more accessible to a wider range of users, and saving time in creating and modifying your models.