Community Edition

eaForms(TM) Community Edition

With the aim of helping others benefit from the eaForms addin we are offering this Free version of eaForms.

This version of eaForms is similar to the existing commercial product although there are some changes which reflect some underlying changes we have made in its architecture to provide us with greater flexibility when making enhancements.

Most importantly we have removed all license menus/options have been removed – it's free to use

Other changes

  • There is now only a single version - no difference between a designer version and the user version
    • The eaForms Form Manager is now accessed through the “Open Form Designer” from the eaForms menu
  • Editing of controls has moved from individual dialogs to a common approach using property grids.
    • Simple select the control, and using the context menu (right click on mouse), select View Properties. The property grid is opened, with the current values of the control attributes, which can be modified diectly - either setting or selecting a value, or in the case of complex controls such as the DataGridView opening a form using the ...
    • If the properties window is open the properties are automatically updated the the currently selected item
  • Some menu options have been removed, specifically those where we no longer see a need for the function (please let us know if there is something you really need!)

Click to download a zip file containing the latest windows installer