Release Information

This page contains an outline of product releases and development builds.

  • Releases are prefixed with the word Release and are available on the customer download page.
  • Development builds are listed for information and may indicate additions to eaForms. It is IMPORTANT TO NOTE that development releases are usually not fully tested, so if you have been given access to these releases do treat with care and ONLY USE WITH TEST DATA WHICH YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOOSE

eaForms CE Release and development build log

Release3.0.1.27 - 8th July 2017

eaForms Release and development build log

Note: No further updates of this version are planned.

Important note relating to an issue with Datagrids

Datagrids - An issue was identified which means that for datagrid controls only added to forms using versions between builds 299 and 321 part of the datagrid definition could be lost in subsequent release. You will need to check the datagrid column definitions. This does not affect any datagrid definitions created before or after those builds - if in doubt please contact us

Release 427 - 15th December 2016

  • Added listview (lvSQL) which will execute the SQL placed in the control and display all items including elements, connector, attributes, operations. The SQL query MUST include ea_guid - the value we use to retrieve the relevant item.

Release 426 - 9th December 2016

  • Added example form definitions in install - placed in user defined directory during installation

Release 425 - 8th December 2016

  • Xmas giveaway

Builds 421 - 424

  • internal testing

5th July 2016 Build 420

  • Beta of a combined installer for perMachine and perUser - selected by user through UI or specified in the batch file for command line install.

Release 419 - 30th June 2016

  • Moved load of run time form definitions into EA File open
  • Added Form Definition file load error messages when fails to file / open form definitions

29th June 2016 Admin Build 418

  • Added check in HKLM for installed path for 32-bit systems

29th June 2016 Admin Build 417

  • outputs details of configuration log file to trace / log file
  • Additional check for other registry locations

29th June 2016 Admin Build 416

  • Added more information to trace with details of what files read and settings made from config file
  • Remember: if switching between run time and designer mode without restart is not recommended - also if using config file a switch may be overwritten by contents of config file

28th June 2016 Admin Build 415

  • Registers in HKLM - with support to find config file if installed per machine.

28th June 2016 Admin Build 414

  • Registers in HKLM

16th June 2016 Build 412 - 413

  • Temporary diagnostics to validate Run time form load
  • Resolved bug with saving FD for RT users

15th June 2016 Build 411

  • Replacement of environment variables for MDG filename

15th June 2016 Build 410

  • Reverted change to support silent install for non-admin installer

15th June 2016 Build 409

  • Correction to some of the user settings
  • Read the config file located in the installed directory each time - checking time stamp before making changes
  • Reads the FD's from the location specified in the config file

15th June 2016 Build 408

  • Removed need for Form Definition - Run Time passwords

14th June 2016 Build 405 - 406

  • Test release which outputs some diagnostic information to help with resolve an issue with customers MDG.
  • Resolved issue with listview collections selecting correct data source resolved
  • Designer setting added to indicate whether automatic backups of previous Form Definitions should be made when the Form Definitions is saved

Release 404 - 13th June 2016

  • Improved error handling when loading MDG files

9th June 2016 Build 403

  • Restricted selection of button actions, element types and stereotypes to select from list only
  • Change to installer to prevent overriding of target install folder

9th June 2016 Build 402

  • Added connector direction field and reference data for combo box
  • Datagrid - improved management of checkbox cell events when using element.locked

6th June 2016 Build 401

  • Checkbox behaviour for element.Locked has been modified
    • If element is locked on openning then form will be displayed as locked and save/update button disabled. If then the element is unlocked the save/updated buttons will be enabled and contents can be saved
    • If the element is unlocked on openning then form will be displayed, and then if set as locked the contents of the form will be saved prior to locking the element.
  • Datagrid
    • Checked box for element.Locked has been modified has been enhanced to operate in a similar manner to the Checkbox
    • for packages added IsVersionControlled as valid field - is set as readonly regardless of designer settings to avoid setting expectation that it can be set
    • Added name of datagrid to build placeholder

6th June 2016 Build 400

  • Configuration file
    • Support for Windows environment variables e.g. - in filenames(FD, MDG, US{ConfigFile:}. Note: that they must be accurate - the string as presented is passed to a windows function and if not understood then ignore
    • Adding user settings - US{settingname:value} - settingnames supported
      • AutoFD - True/False
      • Composite - True/False
      • Enabled - True/False
      • Generic - True/False
      • Log - True/False
      • RTFTV - True/False
      • Tab - True/False
      • ToolTips - True/False
      • Trace - True/False
      • ConfigFile - Filename includes support for windows environment variables
  • Datagrid - sort on close of subform

4th June 2016 Build 399

  • Removed bug with retreiving latest copy of item after running script
  • Change to panel redrawing to reduce flickering

3rd June 2016 Build 398

  • Form content - use of GUID to avoid issue when checking out from VC and ID redundant
  • Resolved issue with incorrect script result - leading to dialog box - another possible scenario checked

3rd June 2016 Build 397

  • Datagrid - modified where the sort column is set
  • Resolved issue with incorrect script result - leading to dialog box

2nd June 2016 Build 396

  • Minor change to SQL syntax for attribute tagged values (possibly temporary depending on tests)
  • Includes diagnostic output for element and attributes tagged values

1st June 2016 Build 395

  • Remove diagnostic message for scripts

1st June 2016 Build 394

  • Revised element updating mechanism
  • Enhanced script code

30th May 2016 Build 393

  • Added more attribute fields

29th May 2016 Build 392

  • Clear backimage button for form and relevant controls
  • Removed check for controls being fully within the form to support for example, using labels with oversized backimages to be displayed

27th May 2016 Build 391

  • Restored display text to buttons which have a backimage
  • Partial solution to removing backimages (still in place but superceded by clear backimage button)
    • select the control and open control editor
    • select backimage - clear filename string and press cancel
  • This approach also works for Forms but unlike controls does not automatically refresh the design form

26th May 2016 Build 390

  • Transparent backcolors for labels and text boxes - to use create a 8-digit hex string for the colour in the control editor and set the top 2 digits to 00 e.g. 0000FF00 would be transparent green (so the green wouldn't showat run time)

25th May 2016 Build 389

  • Added code to accept values "true" and "True" for checked boxes

24th May 2016 Build 388

  • Added form level setting for useMetaType as Stereotype (only used in datagrid control at present)

24th May 2016 Build 387

  • Adds refresh of package.elements or element.elements for datagrid values before script called

24th May 2016 Build 386

  • Belt and braces code re element update

23rd May 2016 Build 385 - interim release

  • Added element.locked and package.IsVersionControlled fields (read only)
  • Save and run script button - taggedvalues refreshed before running of script
  • Datagrid content - added check for items with matching metatype if no matches found on stereotype
  • Run script button - now re-retrieves the element for case when script may initiate a checkout and then request a refresh

18th May 2016 Build 384

  • Datagrid
    • ComboBox data entry dialog resolved initialisation issue
    • Correct initalisation of current main MDG stereotype

17th May 2016 Build 383

  • Date picker initialised with either the existing field date and if not present todays date

17th May 2016 Build 382

  • Form Depth reverted to work with Forms only

17th May 2016 Build 381

  • Form Depth supported for both Form and Tab presentations
  • Added some missing tooltips
  • Correct a link to help file

17th May 2016 Build 380

  • Restored form definition name in Form title bar - for a form, not tab, if the form definition name is not set then the title is set with element type and element name
  • Scripts
    • Added some script buttons for connectors, and pass "Connector" object to script
    • Added object "FormDepth" for scripts - meaningful for Forms Only - which is incremented when a form is presented and decremented when a form is closed

15th May 2016 Build 379

  • ComboBox - modified update and refresh form when item changed
  • Form Matching - added a case for MDG Stereotype
  • Update help file and online help
  • Control Editor
    • Various minor editor geometry changes
    • Textbox - resolved issue with change to Linked Package Status in Control Editor

13th May 2016 Build 378

  • Improved Form selection matching

13th May 2016 Build 377

  • Form selection algorithm modified to support other ancestor cases
  • Closing of form - make invisible earlier in closing process to reduce possible flicker

12th May 2016 Build 376

  • Added "" check for ancestor stereotype in matching method

12th May 2016 Build 375

  • Adds support for ancestor stereotype, for element forms only

12th May 2016 Build 374

  • Check to avoid opening a duplicate form for same item being presented; current form will be refreshed and broght to top

11th May 2016 Build 373

  • Changed Datapicker for datagrid and textboxes, accessed by context menu, to only be available if the target is a valid date tag as its source
  • Datagrid - truncate text entries to remain on a single line when whole grid is set as readonly

11th May 2016 Build 372

  • Datagrid
    • Removed context menu option when in readonly mode
    • Added tooltip for each cell and column header. Does not appear for newly added rows until a refresh happens
  • Rich Text box - remove newline added by EA conversion function on load,

10th May 2016 Build 371

  • Datagrid
    • Added autoshrink for readonly grids
    • Set background colour

10th May 2016 Build 370

  • Listview changes
    • Added support for double click for packages
    • Added optional Save and close of current form on double click if a suitable target form definition available
  • Datagrid uses control read only property to:
    • Make ALL cells read only
    • Prevent adding new rows
    • Prevent editing existing rows
    • Removes horizontal scrollbar
    • Removes grid lines
    • Option to save/close form before launching child form
    • If not form - selects the required element in the project browser

8th May 2016 Build 369

  • Added furthre check on load for preload script

8th May 2016 Build 368

  • Now handle case for importing "old" style preload scripts - which will now be converted to new format after loading on 1st save

8th May 2016 Build 367

  • Implementation for storing scripts now independent of specific button value

5th May 2016 Build 366

  • Support to automatically check for local config file, with name eaFormsConfig.txt, in eaForms install directory

5th May 2016 Build 365

  • Enhance error reporting on form definition file save

4th May 2016 Build 364

  • Back image
    • Replaced text box access with button
    • Added back image for checkbox
  • Default libraries
    • Added default libraries for VBScript and JScript (stored per user) - usage: set the script text (no language description at top) in relevant script type window.
    • Flag can be set for both Form and control definitions to signify that the relevant default script should be included within the item definition - the consolidated script is included when exporting the form definitions.

NOTE: the designer Form Definition files DO NOT include the default definitions ONLY exported Form Definition files

3rd May 2016 Build 363

  • Included JScript support for buttons

3rd May 2016 Build 362

  • Resolved issue with copying backimages with controls / forms
  • Resolve a few visual issues with control editor

2nd May 2016 Build 361

  • Resolved issue with enabling export buttons for professional licence

1st May 2016 Build 360

  • Resolved issue with backimage selection

30th April 2016 Build 359

  • Form saving:
    • Checking enhanced to include further checks for valid images - file types supported bmp, gif, png and some jpeg/tiff
    • Creates a backup of form definition file on save (filename includes timestamp)
  • Added separate display text entry for button controls

29th April 2016 Build 358

  • Added "experimental" support for
    • form background image
    • button background image
    • Link label background image


  • Double click on box that appears in Form and Control definition editors.
  • Select a valid image file

At present once applied cannot be remove!! At run time NONE of the text will be displayed it will be purely an image

28th April 2016 Build 357

  • Further refinement of button matching functions

28th April 2016 Build 356

  • Tidy up of form matching functions
  • Enforcing mandatory entries by not closing form - can always close using "X" (at present)

27th April 2016 Build 355

  • Amended MDG checks when checking forms for next relative package

27th April 2016 Build 354

  • Datagrid
    • Added Enumeration as valid element for datagrid attributes
    • Resolved issue with readonly for attributes
    • Enhanced support for locked package - disabled context menu and add/delete rows

26th April 2016 Build 353

  • release with diagnostic output for relative next package testing

26th April 2016 Build 352

  • Added save on change to
    • Checkbox
  • Added initial support to accommodate locked elements
    • Title of form/tab indicates a locked element
    • Buttons with saving function disabled
    • Other controls become readonly in some cases

25th April 2016 Build 351

  • Modified rules for relative packages (both now close)

25th April 2016 Build 350

  • Resolved issue with saving updated element
  • Reverted Next package check to when button pressed with pre-check for target form

22nd April 2016 Build 349

  • Monitors change of combo box and does an immediate update
  • Run Script button only will do a refresh of the form if the script returns the value 2 (this is a test value - subject to change)

22nd April 2016 Build 348

  • This release is really experimental - it contains code in the combobox to detect a change and if so initiate an update of any text box which shares the same data source - use with caution - aim is to see if it does what you need

22nd April 2016 Build 347

  • Rationalised some of control naming / display text for consistency
  • Resolve a few minor bugs with connector form controls
  • Added tagged values as valid table for package forms

21st April 2016 Build 346

  • Resolved issue with label control editor using wrong field to populate the text
  • Removed other test code that was causing the dialog issues

20th April 2016 Build 345

  • Removed test code for typed tagged values
  • Resolved issue with creating new items within datagrid

20th April 2016 Build 344

  • Resolved issue with run time font style - note support is provided for Regular, Italic, Bold but not Bold Italic

19th April 2016 Build 343

  • Change form builder label to display text instead of label name

19th April 2016 Build 342

  • Relative Next package - moved check for target to form generation and disable button if no target available

19th April 2016 Build 341

  • Resolved issue with potentially overwriting results from script

18th April 2016 Build 340

  • Enable flag only applies to run time and only disables, leaving control visible

18th April 2016 Build 339

  • Enable flag only applies to run time - where it controls both the control being enabled and visible

17th April 2016 Build 338

  • Minor addition in run time form generator for labels with lots of text - includes further checks to avoid empty labels

16th April 2016 Build 337

  • Resolved issue when adding a new label and initially being unable to resize/move
  • attribute tagged values derived from correct table

15th April 2016 Build 336

  • Form definition list - anchored up/down buttons to right hand side
  • Added font tooltip description on load
  • Update form builder name on double click of form
  • Update status information for multiple items so that it reflects the bounding box for the selected controls

14th April 2016 Build 335

  • Resolve copy of control - with deep copy

14th April 2016 Build 334

  • Builder - Incremental size changes / move of selected controls
  • Form editor - copy of controls from current form to a target form - ONLY available from Edit form from Form library context menu

14th April 2016 Build 333

  • Anchoring state default set to disable
  • Edit label control - option to enlarge text box for data entry using check multiline
  • Select current font on opening of font edit dialog
  • Added font description to font entry in form and control editors

12th April 2016 Build 332

  • Resolve closing of form with "Save and run script button"
  • Linklabel now accepts empty URL

12th April 2016 Build 331

  • Added up button
  • test support for JScript (put JScript as 1st line in script box) - the syntax is subject to change

12th April 2016 Build 330

  • Relative package - replace searching algorithm and included support for metatype
  • Pre-load script with next button - minor change to form selection
  • Datagrid - support for class attributes (this has meant some recoding of DG control so caution)
  • Relocation / icon for Anchoring enabled/disabled
  • Added Extension menu item for "edit connector properties"

11th April 2016 Build 329

  • Resolve resizing issue in builder

11th April 2016 Build 328

  • Next relative package buttons
    • perform a check on a valid target package and suitable form before closing the current form
    • Look for matching siblings at end of branch

9th April 2016 Build 327

  • Button to enable/disable anchors during design
  • Plus some tinkering with the designer to improve form creation - sizing etc
  • Added form name in designer form title bar

8th April 2016 Build 326

  • Resolved issue with lack of tagged values for connectors - due to database being case sensitive
  • Resolved issue with copy of Form Definitions - due to omission of field in copy constructor when connector forms added

7th April 2016 Build 325

  • Initial version of Next relative package buttons.
    • Designed to target packages although can be included in an element form (not connector)
    • Usage: when specifying set stereotypes for parent (i.e. top of tree) and child (i.e. target down form top), at present only supports a single stereotype match
  • Support for CSV for combox boxes (inc datagrid) with add abililty to define tokens that can contain any characters - 2 options
    • a,b,c
    • place values as tokens within [ ] brackets e.g. [<100],[200],[10,000],[>10,000] - the brackets are not displayed

6th April 2016 Build 324

  • Rich Text Box - minor alignments
  • Label - border style setting reinstated
  • Datagrid
    • Datagrid and column width resizing
    • Double click on row to commit and bring up new data entry form
    • Context menu re-established with date as well as up, down and delete options
  • Added setting of colours through text entry of colour in addition to current colour picker

5th April 2016 Build 323

  • MDG support for connectors
  • Support for new connector added to diagrams
  • Datagrid - resizing of columns (relative sizing) when control anchored and hence resizes when user changes size of form (still need to refine the gap than can appear after last column)
  • Export button also saves Designer form library - removes need to press save and then export (does not export inactive forms which may be referenced in active forms)
  • Form growing on edit

31st March 2016 Build 322

  • Resolved issue with sizing of datagrid columns
  • Support for form match on metatypes reintroduced

30th March 2016 Build 321

  • Resolved issue with Datagrid column and data definitions being lost - post build 294
  • ComboBox - added option to select as sorted or unsorted
  • Please note - documentation has not been updated

Release 320

  • internal testing

29th March 2016 Build 319 This is a test build with connector support - which requires more checking, specifically for completeness/correctness of reference data plus more testing

  • connector support - includes numerous changes including
    • support for TextBox, RichTextBox, Listview, Checkbox, ComboBox
    • support for ConnectorTags
    • Additions to MDG support
    • modified Form manager to display and differentiate between Form Types
    • View button - only supports preview of element forms
  • Added validity checks for restricted types

23rd March 2016 Build 318

  • Added initial calendar control for datagrid - text box entries only, right click to access. Fixed format at present - reviewing how we may support in the future.

Release 315/316/317

  • internal testing

Release 313 (Trial version) and 314 (Full version)- 20160318

  • Added separate Form Designer library - designers please note you need to Export for the active forms to be those that are used in testing
  • Add Tab presentation of eaForms - supporting viewing / editing of multiple elements (Beta feature)
  • Added listview for packages
  • Resolved bug with LinkLabel
  • Resolved issue with not deleting all connectors in Related Element control
  • Support for multiline tooltip
  • Resolved issue in Form designer deleting controls with the same name
  • Modified sort behaviour in Manage forms - to be easier to use

Release 311/312

  • internal testing

Release 309 (Trial version) and 310 (Full version) - 20160131

  • Added Tab presentation of eaForms - supporting viewing/editing of multiple elements in parallel
  • Setting to select default use of Tab or windows form presentation of eaForms
  • Internal changes to enhance Form Builder and Form Generator to support Tabs
  • Resolved known minor bugs

Release 307 (Trial version) and 308 (Full version) 20160116

  • Updates to help file
  • Added artifact as support element
  • resolved issue with Related Element targets
  • Datagrid control, Added Search to Datagrid and Set default column type for Datagrid

Release 305 (Trial version) and 306 (Full version) - 20th November 2015

  • Added EA Search to select items to display in Datagrid
  • Set default column type for Datagrid

Release 303 (Trial version) and 304 (Full version) - 22nd October 2015

  • Added button action - Update - to save contents of form without closing
  • Addressed issue with Datagrid control refresh

Release 301 (Trial version) and 302 (Full version) - 9th October 2015

  • New Control - Datagrid - providing a powerful flexible table control
  • New button actions
    • Next package - supports sequencing for package forms
    • Next form - support "wizard" mechanism to navigate to additional forms for current element, supporting breakdown of workflow (and potentially for conditional actions based on step)
  • New text box option - status of linked package
  • Form functions
    • Optional - run script on form load

Releases 271 to 300 - internal development releases

  • Major internal reworking to refine design

Release 269 (Trial version) and 270 (Full version) - 29th May 2015

  • New action buttons for feature to execute script (EXPERIMENTAL - so let us get your feedback on usefulness)
    • Save and run script
    • Run script and conditionally Save

NB: These buttons store the script in the control definition (so issue with deployment) and execute WITHOUT any checking. So ensure you read user manual and that your script is fully tested before using.

Release 267 (Trial version) and 268 (Full version) - 28th May 2015 The release added:

  • New action buttons to:
    • Add linked, owned or linked and owned element to current element
    • Add note to current element
  • Changed support for Genfile field
    • Added ability to open / edit / run specifed file - via double click and context menu - settings provided to configure required program
    • Added support to use double click to edit the Genfile contents
  • Files list box now supports open of file/ web address specific
  • Linked items list box now supports double click to open related item
  • Textbox
    • Support for multiline text box modified to limit to a single line
    • Enhanced support for large amounts of text
  • Add actor modified to set association connector between use case and added actor

Release 265/266 internal releases

Release 263 (Trial version) and 264 (Full version) - 9th February 2015

  • Added confirmation of import of password
  • Added ability to treat Tagged Values as Rich Text or Plain text with user setting to select
  • Enabled corporate licensing
  • Enhanced system check