Using scripts

Scripts can be used is several ways within eaForms to customise the behaviour you want.

Form pre-load scripts

A script can be associated within each eaForms so that when selected and prior to presenting the eaForms for an element, package or connector the script can be run. The purpose of the script could be manyfold and up to you when designing the form. It could be used for one or several of the following:

  • Check the user
  • Check status
  • Validate content
  • Preprocess the item

Buttons scripts

Most scripts are associated with buttons, for example:

  • Run script can be used to perform some predefined required processsing for the item or check in / check out the item
  • Conditionally save button - can be used to make a check before the eaform is saved, for example if the user hasn't entered a specific set of information or conditions are such the item should not be save
  • Save and run script button - can be used for post-processing after the item has been save. Could be used to tidy up, checkin, keep a log of the change