Datagrids are a very powerful and flexible control that can be used to present EA information in a tabular form - where is can be viewed, edited, deleted and also where new items can be added.

As illustrated in form below - there are 2 datagrids.

  • A table displaying requirements within the package - all of the data columns are editable (the designer has the option to set fields as read-only)
  • A table displaying packages contained within the current package.

Using the requirements table a user can quickly review, modify and add requirements to the model. This approach can be extended to other EA elements / package as well as attributes.

The use of a checkbox can, subject to the current users permissions, lock or unlock the item.

The user can double click and, if a suitable eaForm has been defined for the item type, a subform will be openned within the context of the current element.

Also illustrated on the form are a range of buttons using backimages to provide visual indication of their function.