Some Examples

Below are screenshots of some sample eaForms. Each of these took between 10 - 20 mins to produce; the time varies depending on the amount of content included plus the time you chose to refine the look & feel. The key point is that you can tailor the form (content and layout) to meet your needs. The Form Definitions for these examples are provided for trial users on the download page.


The form below illustrates a form for requirements in which we have:

  • numbered the sequence for the user to follow
  • provided a range of tagged values using checkboxes, text boxes and drop down list (these tagged values will automatically be added to the element).

Although not shown this form also provided:

  • Tooltips for each item
  • A mandatory check that the "importance .." was set

Below is another example of a requirement form

Use Case

The form below illustrates a Use Case:

  • Drop-down boxes to set both element attributes and tagged values
  • Lists for Pre-Conditions and Post-Conditions
  • List linked actors
  • Action buttons to allow the user to add Actors and conditions without leaving the form (a sub-form will be presented to the user)

Note: For lists a user can double click on an item to access more detail on the item.


A simple Actor form in which we have included a list of linked elements


The form below illustrates an Action Form and how the design can be used to help a user - with a sequence and guidance comments.


The form below illustrates how information can be consolidated on a single form. Once again using lists and action buttons to see and add related information. Furthermore, the look and feel can be changed for example using colour & fonts

BPMN Activity Form

The screen shot illustrates a form designer to help users of BPMN - where the design can pre-select the information that is relevant for the project - both in terms of contents and data values that can be selected from the drop down lists.