The aim of eaProject is to provide tools that:

  • allow analysts and developers working in EA to manage and share project related information with the project management colleagues.
  • project managers using MS Project to exchange information between EA and MSP, and inspect/make changes into EA whilst working completely within MSP.

eaProject consists of 2 products that support this requirement.

  • An EA AddIn - that allows the EA user to exchange information with MS Project
  • An MS Project (MSP) AddIn - which allows an MSP user exchange information with EA and view information in EA in real time,

Each AddIn is independent of the other.

Overview of linking EA and MS Project

Click for a graphical view of how we link the worlds of EA and MS Project


Following initial development and presentation at the EAUG May 2013 development was put on hold, pending feedback and sufficient interest to justify further investment.

We plan to do some work to make available an early release for early adopters to test. We will update the status on this page.

Illustrating eaProject by example