Welcome to EXploringEA

I started using Sparx Enterprise Architect (EA) in 2002 on a project to capture requirements and understand the relationships between them. Its ease of use and flexibility meant that I continued to use EA for other projects, increasingly using other features as well as producing AddIn's and MDG's to enhance the tool to better meet project needs.

One of the great features of EA is a very active Forum where real experts can provide advise. For example, established gurus such as Geert Bellekens and Thomas Kilian aka qwerty (also check out his books about EA). In addition, Sparx have a vibrant community site which hosts many tutorial as well as provide news.

However, I found that I was still keeping notes to support some of my work so I created a personal Wiki where I could consolidate information that I found useful which wasn't necessarily just "EA" but related to my EA work. Some of this information I thought may be useful to other EA users, in particular AddIn developers, so I have created this site to share the information and tools that may be of interest to others.

Some of the pages require a login - the instructions are provided when you land on these pages.

I was able to spend a bit of time a few years ago exploring some of the areas of EA I hadn't fully explored. My findings were presented in my EXploringEA blog until I retired.

Please note: The content and products provided on an "AsIs" basis and hence use is at your own risk.