Linked package status textbox

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The linked package status is a "temporary" item that provides a read-only text box that can display the status of a specified target package.



adding to an eaForms


To add the linked package status text box select use the Add text box menu and select the required item




On saving you will be presented with a package picker dialog.


Select the required package and press OK.


You will then see a new control




The name will be "Linked Package status".


Editing the control


The designer can use the standard editor to access the Linked Package Textbox.

HOWEVER - do not change the Source options as this has not been fully integrated in the editor and the results are not defined.


The designer can modify:

1. The target by double clicking on the Target text box when you will be presented with the package change the selected target package - this will change the value and set the target name to that of the target.




At Run time

The user will see the status field of the target package displayed in the text box.