What you can do with eaForms

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There are lots of uses of eaForms and on this page is a list of some that may be useful when designing eaForms.

Items may link through to a page that provides more information - some are work in progress - check out our online help for up to date information.


It may also be worth taking a quick look at Another list of features as a reminder of what is included in eaForms.

If you are trying to do something and think eaForms but don't know how contact us and we will try to help.

Designing eaForms

Approach to designing forms - factors to consider ? Next package
Forms to manage tasks?
Forms can can be different size, with colour, their own fonts
Using tooltips and linklabels to help users

Right Content - Right People - Right Result

Reduce barriers by presenting forms that look familiar?
Produce forms that only contain the data items you need?
Tailor forms to specific roles?
Mandate required fields to ensure user provide input?


Simplify complex MDG technologies?

Tagged values

Tagged values will automatically be added to elements when a value is entered?
Ease use of tagged values?
Button to add tagged values


Both text and rich text options available - where supported by EA?

Combox boxes

Limit data values to predefine values to enhance model consistency?


Use checkboxes to set Boolean items

Layout and Workflow

Use colour to emphasis items?
Use numbered labels and layout to support sequence of data entry?
Use multiple forms to simplify data entry?
Link to other forms to provide a workflow?
Consolidate fields onto a single form?
Use labels as colour rectangles as graphical devices?

Lists and tables

Display and modify lists of items
Launch sub form to access detail of items in lists?
Present a summary of items - elements and packages in a datagrid?
Using Datagrid's to display, modify and add items


Include labels that match your organisations language?


Add actors
Add pre and post conditions
Add Attributes
Add Operations

Using eaForms Scripts

Buttons with scripts to conditionally save
Conditionally access next form
Use buttons to run defined scripts - scripts are stored in the form - not in mode
Run a script when element edited

Help and information

Add tooltips to form and controls to provide users with help
Use linklabels to open documents or web pages to provide help

Linked and related items

Display and link to related elements
Add note to element
owned items
Text box to display linked package status
Specify next form - to use with current element
Next package button - used with data grid to support processes


Launch program related to genfile field


Auto load, update users MDGs and Form definitions
Different form sets for different roles?