Operation of Text Boxes

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Notes relating to special features of text boxes.

Field specific functionality

Name - If the designer adds a Textbox it will by default be multiline with the exception of the Name field.

Genfile - this field is used by EA for example to store the filename of a source file associated with a class.  With eaForms we have provided the option to edit as well as support some actions that can help in your projects.

The following actions are provided

Doubleclick on the field.  If a valid filename is present this action will open the file using either a preconfigured application (see Configure programs settings) or if no filename is provided will present the user with the option to create a new file.
Rightclick on the field.  If a valid filename is present then the user is presented with options to

- open the file using a windows associated program 

- open the file with a user pre configured application (see Configure programs settings)

- run the file