Text Box

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An eaForm Text Box  is a control that will display plain text either in single line or multiline format.

The value displayed can be derived from either:

An Element attribute - in this case the value will be in the form "element.Xxxx"


A Tagged Values associated (or to be added to) the element). The format of the name then takes for the name of the tagged value (e.g. myTaggedValueName) and adds the pre-fixed "TV.", so that in this example the name of the element would be TV.myTaggedValueName


Transparent colour


The TextBox control can support transparent back colours.  To set a value as transparent you need to edit the backcolor in the control editor.

The string must be 8 characters which represent ARGB - each having a 2 digit hex value.  Of the A = 00 then the colour will be treated as transparent.



Control specific attributes


Source options - either an element field or a tagged value (or drop down will appear if selected) or linked package status (when the designer can select the target name (GUID is also presented when selected))
Enabled - means that the control will be presented at run-time - the default is that the control will be presented.
Autosize - relates to controls that will adjust their size to the contents - e.g. labels, buttons
Read only - means that the user will not be able to edit the contents, useful for setting a combo box where the user must select a provided value
Response is mandatory - used to mandate that the selected value must be set - the current rule is to check for a valid value that is not a null string
Tab order - is the sequence number that is used by windows to move through the controls at run time
Anchor - this sets the reference point of the form against which the control is fixed and affects the movement of the control if the run time form is resized. Valid values consist of  a combination of these letters to indicate where the control is locked

       -  T (top)

       -  B (bottom)

       -  L (left)

       -  R (right)