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Welcome to eaForms(tm)

- a different way to edit elements in Enterprise Architect


eaForms is an Enterprise Architect(EA) Add-In that provides alternative element editors which can be configured by you, to meet the individual needs of your project, users and organisations.


Why eaForms?


Let's look at just one simple example.


New or infrequent users can easily be confused by the options that EA provides (even those with years of experience can be distracted!!).

This can mean that some of the data you want input into the model may not be provided, whilst some, which is not needed, is provided.

And if content is input then the values they provide may not be consistent with the terms used in the model.

So they could benefit from a little bit of help to ask them for only the information you need, and where appropriate restrict the terms they use to pre-defined values to ensure consistency in your model.

Everybody gains with users being clear about what is needed and the format that it is required and the model owners benefiting from a more consistent model.


eaForms can help by:

streamlining data capturing and editing elements using forms that reflect your project needs
presenting information in a way that makes it more meaningful and accessible to your users
providing a structured workflow using optional navigation to place data capture and editing across multiple forms
enhancing the integrity of your models by promoting consistent terms
performing script based functions to support your custom requirements


All of which provide new ways of enabling your users to view, enter and modify information within an EA model. 


This user guide provides information for both users and designers and is divided into the following parts:

Introduction - this section of  the user guide, which provides some basic information about eaForms
eaForm for users - provides information on using eaForm
Defining eaForms - provides information for designers about the design and management of eaForms
Deploying eaForms - provides information for designers or those tasked with distributing eaForms definitions regarding the management and deployment of eaForms
What you can do with eaForms - outlines some of the uses of eaForms features
General FAQs - provides answers to some of the frequently asked questions
Designer FAQ - provides answers to some of the frequently asked questions that designers may have
Reference - additional information that may prove useful to users and designers such as terms that are used within this user guide



The following topics are covered in the remainder of this section:

Features and benefits of eaForms
System requirements
Installing eaForms
New features
Contacting us



Note - although we try our best, eaForms is continuing to evolve in response to user feedback and hence, some of the information in this manual may be incomplete or inaccurate, as we address known issues or add/change the functionality based on the feedback.  We value your feedback so please help us improve our product and by letting us know if something is not clear or information misleading or you have any questions please contact us at:


Also check out our web site to follow product developments and our online help for up to date information.