Multiple selected control operations

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Multiple controls can be selected using the Control+LeftHandMouse Button on controls; the selected controls will be highlighted a yellow with red-handles (for some controls the backcolour may not be visible all the time).

They remain selected until:

individually deselected using control+LeftHandMouse to toggle
selecting another control using ONLY the left hand mouse - this will cause all controls to be deselected and the single control to be selected as a single selection
selecting the form space between the controls - will deselect all controls



This then allows the designer to perform operations through and enhanced context menu - as illustrated below.


The following screenshot illustrates the menus that are available when  the mouse is pressed when over the form.

In addition, when a group of items have been selected they can be moved en-bloc - see Moving selected groups for details.




The following screenshot is the menus that are available when the mouse is pressed when over one of a control in a multiple selected group of controls.




Note that the menu options that the additional menu options are:


Align Controls - provides the ability to align the currently selected controls
Space controls - adjusts the spacing between the selected controls
Size Controls - provides the ability to size the current selected controls
Undo last - provides the ability to undo the last only change to the geometry of the form.