eaForm controls

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At run time an eaForm presents information, derived from the current EA model, allowing the user to view and modify the contents of the eaForm.

The information that is presented on the form is decided at design time, and can included information about the current element and related items.


To present the information eaForms provides a range of controls that the designer can use. In summary, the following controls are available:


Label - to display text and/or be used as a graphical device as a background to group other controls
Text box - to display and edit an element field or tagged value in plain text
Rich text box - to display and edit rich text formatting; primarily, although not exclusively, used to complete those fields when EA supports rich text
Buttons - support a wide range of actions from saving contents, adding items, running a script or navigating to other elements
Listview - to display (and edit) attributes or related items of the current element
Checkbox - display/edit Boolean values e.g. in a tagged value
Combobox - to display and select pre-set values used in element fields or tagged values
Linked Label - displays a link that the user can select, typically used to provide a hyperlink to information
Datagrid - to display a table that can contain a selection of items - defined by the designer - which can be edited; also supports the addition of an item within the table
Related element - to displayed a defined set of elements with the ability to select an item to build a relationship


More detail information on each of these control can be found be clicking on the link associated with each label or by clicking through to the eaForms Controls reference section of this guide.

Details of the use of each control is covered in the relevant reference section and it is recommended that the designer becomes familiar the capabilities of each control - otherwise you may not fully understand their usefulness.