Design guidelines

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Designing eaForms is very much dependent on the outcomes you seek from the users of EA who will be using eaForms.


The idea behind eaForms is to make EA more accessible, especially to those users who may be unfamiliar and potentially resistant to EA, bringing their knowledge and experience to the project and become a true part of the EA team.

Why are users resistant?

If we are truthful most of us are resistant to change at work as it usually means more work, and as we are all too busy getting the job done we don't want something to get in the way and potentially derail our plans.


When developing an EA model our aims will include capturing information into a "single version of the truth" and from which we produce snapshots which are used to provide the information needed by those working on our project.

The information required and the way in which we use our model this information is key to a successful project, so it is important that we are clear definition of how the information is modelled. It is usually one or at most a few people who define the model so they need to agree how EA will be used for their specific project. This definition needs to be documented, for example in a meta model, so that it can readily be shared with those who are tasked with working with the model.

Of course, for those note familiar with EA and not necessarily having the discipline of the more experienced modeller (or just engrained with their own modelling standards!) it can be useful to help them with eaForms that are aligned with the modelling standards and meta model for the project.

Although eaForms does not validate against the meta model what we offer is the possibility to define forms that are aligned and help the user ..

are the custodians of the

Completeness - although probably an idealistic objective, we strive to ensure we can get as much
Capture knowledge - this may mean getting information into our model or ensuring those with the knowledge review the work - in both cases we need their contribution