Designing eaForms

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This section provides the eaForms designer with more detail on creating eaForms.


The eaForms Builder is a WYSIWYG form editor which can be used to create a new windows form that will be presented at run-time.


When operating in design mode, eaForms includes an AddIn window Managing form definitions; this window provides the interface where a designer can create and managed a library of eaForms.

With this screen the designer creates a new form using the New button, and then add controls directly to the form using the context menus.


With the form editor the designer can:

Add new controls directly to the form
Modify the location or size of the control (subject to minimum limits) using the mouse
Edit the attributes of the form using the Form Definition Editor
Edit the detailed properties of a control using the Control properties grid.


The next few sections provide more detail about designing eaForms.