eaForms Controls reference

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The following eaForms controls are available:


Label - to display text and/or be used as a graphical device as a background to group other controls
Text box - to display and edit an element field or tagged value in plain text
Rich text box - to display and edit rich text formatting; primarily, although not exclusively, used to complete those fields when EA supports rich text
Buttons - support a wide range of actions from saving contents, adding items, running a script or navigating to other elements
Listview - to display (and edit) attributes or related items of the current element
Checkbox - display/edit Boolean values e.g. in a tagged value
Combobox - to display and select pre-set values used in element fields or tagged values
Linked Label - displays a link that the user can select, typically used to provide a hyperlink to information
Datagrid - to display a table that can contain a selection of items - defined by the designer - which can be edited; also supports the addition of an item within the table
Related element - to displayed a defined set of elements with the ability to select an item to build a relationship


All control have common attributes such as

Background / Foreground colour
Text alignment
Control name
Tool tip


In addition, each control type will have attributes that are specific to the type for example:

Action or data source
Display name


Each of these is detailed individually in the following sections - in alphabetical order.