Defining the configuration file

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eaForms provides a mechanism that can help supports the deployment of

Form Definitions
MDG files
Run Time Licence keys
Form passwords


either from a file share or http server.





If a file is defined then during startup eaForms will check the defined configuration file and based on its contents copy files and/or make updates to passwords.


Regardless of where the configuration file is located it is a text file which uses entries, one per line, on the format




INFO - is a key word that must be entered accurately.  Valid INFO items are listed below.

VALUE - is the value to be associated with the key word action.



For example, the following entries








DATE - is used to define the date in yyyymmdd format when the configuration file is updated
MDG - is used to signify that the value is the location of an MDG file.  The MDG file will be loaded into the users %APPDATA%\Roaming\Sparx Systems\EA\MDGTechnologies (multiple entries can be provided)
FD - used with a value that represent the location of a Form Definitions file that will be loaded into the users directory %APPDATA%\Roaming\EXploringEA\eaForms (only 1 entry can exist in the file as only 1 Form Definition file can be active)
US - used to set a user setting - the following settings are available.  Note use the shortname listed below rather than the name set on the edit user settings form:


* AutoFD - True/False

* Composite - True/False

* Enabled - True/False

* Generic - True/False

* Log - True/False

* RTFTV - True/False

* Tab -  True/False

* ToolTips - True/False

* Trace - True/False

* ConfigFile - Filename includes support for windows environment variables




Those fields that include a filename then a windows environment variable can be used but must be at the start off string e.g. %USERPROFILE%\documents\fd.xml
In the case that either a MDG or Form Definition file already exists in the target location then the old file will be renamed, prefixed with a string similar to "Backup_20150618_165012_" where the numbers represent a day and time stamp of the time the file was renamed and their extension is changed to ".bak".  This especially important in the case of MDG files otherwise the old backups -