Datagrid options

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Double click action - launch form for existing element


If the user selects an existing entry they can use the mouse double-click and if a suitable form definition the form will be launched.for the relevant item.

The designer is given the option to either

leave the current form open so that the form is launched as a subform or
save and close the contents of the current form (subject any readonly flags) and open a new form for the selected entry


The Save and close on double click flag is set in the control editor attributes section


Double click action - on an empty row


Double clicking on an empty row will create a new item and then launch the relevant form - where the user can edit the relevant information.

Note is taken of  the Save and close on double click flag as above.



Read only


As well as being able to set a particular column as read only the designer can choose to make the whole data grid read only in the control editor.

Setting read only has the following effects on the datagrid:

The user cannot edit any existing fields
The user cannot add any fields
The used cannot add a new row
The data presented is truncated so that it fits within a single line within the defined column width
Should the number of rows available for display not use the full height then the grid will automatically shrink to fit
If the number of rows exceeds the display area then a vertical scroll bar will be provided