Element Type and Stereotypes

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eaForms supports a wide range of element types and connector types.  Each of these element types could theoretically have one or more associated stereotypes (and remember an MDG type is simply a combination of an element type and stereotype).


When defining eaForms a specific form will be for a specific Element Type with the option to support one or all stereotypes associated with that element type.

So the designer could provide different forms for one or more stereotype and the relevant eaForm would be presented to the user when that element is edited.

If there is also a eaForm for the same element type but enabled for all stereotypes then it will be used for those cases where no eaForm is defined for the specific stereotype.

In the case when an element is selected for which there is no specific or general stereotype form defined then the editing is left to EA.


When defining an eaForm it is possible to specify none, one or more stereotypes to be used in conjunction with the Element type to select the required form, so that:

Different eaForms can be defined for different sets of stereotypes
An eaForm can be defined that is not stereotype specific and will be a catchall
If no form is required (the standard EA Editor is wanted) then no specific or catchall eaForm should be defined.